Eliminate backorders and prevent revenue loss.

Inventory management is a problem, especially when you have multiple vendors, sell on multiple channels and have inventory data in multiple formats. When not managed effectively, it results in backorders, lost revenue from false out-of-stocks and a poor customer experience.

eCommHub automatically monitors inventory levels across all your vendors, whether it’s your warehouse, fulfillment center, drop shipper or any other location that’s storing and managing inventory on your behalf. Then eCommHub accurately syncs those stock levels across your storefronts, channels and marketplaces.

Complete inventory integrity across multiple vendors
and storefronts.

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Complete and accurate inventory across any and all online stores Eliminates backorders Prevents lost revenue from
false out-of-stocks

Explore How eCommHub Works

Multi-Channel Inventory Syncing Integrates with All Your Channels & Storefronts

eCommHub seamlessly integrates with all your channels, marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

Maintain constant inventory levels across multiple stores — if product is sold on one store, inventory levels are instantly updated on all your other stores. Most modern eCommerce businesses sell their goods on multiple marketplaces. If you’re planning to expand your offering to more marketplaces, eCommHub can help you manage inventory effortlessly.


Compatible with Any & All Vendors to Automate Inventory Management

eCommHub does not replace your current inventory management system, rather it works with it. Our platform is very flexible and integrates with any vendor that provides inventory data.

  • Compatible with any flat-file or spreadsheet formats (CSV, TXT, XLS/Excel, etc.)
  • Automatic fetching via remote feeds (FTP, SFTP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Email attachments and manual uploads supported
  • Custom API/XML/EDI integrations
  • Near-real time inventory fetching
  • Automated alerts for failed fetches or data format changes

Consolidate Your Inventory Across Multiple Vendors

Whether you have two vendors or 200, eCommHub reliably tracks your product inventory levels across all of them, and in turn, reduces backorders. Our platform handles any vendor or inventory scenario,whether you use dropshipping or have a global fulfillment network.

  • Tracks inventory separately for each vendor but pushes the total quantity to your storefronts.
  • Centralizes inventory levels for vendors with multiple locations.

Unscramble & Normalize Your Vendor Data

If you have multiple vendors or dropshippers, you know firsthand that the SKUs in your online store may not exactly match the SKUs from your vendor. To further complicate matters, each product may have different or unique SKUs — and we can handle it.

  • Tracks each SKU separately and allows you to link multiple SKUs to the same product.
  • Matches vendor items to your listed store products by using SKU, MPN or UPC.

Detect New and Discontinued Products

eCommHub constantly scans your vendor feed to check for new vendor items and discontinued products:

  • Sets discontinued products as “out of stock” in your storefront with the option to de-list.
  • Re-list discontinued products as “back in stock” if platform detects SKU in vendor inventory.
  • Visibility into newly added vendor SKUs.