Automated Inventory Management to cut backorders and track stock levels

Automatically keep your stock levels up-to-date

Reduce backorders by making sure the inventory stock levels in your online store are always in sync with your warehouse, fulfillment center, drop shipper, or any other vendor that's storing and managing the inventory on your behalf.

Manage inventory through any vendor, fulfillment center, or warehouse

eCommHub does not replace your current inventory management system, rather it works in harmony with it. eCommHub is very flexible and integrates with any vendor that can provide some sort of data feed or output.

This includes an Excel spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx) or flat-file (.csv, .txt). Common data retrieval methods include FTP, SFTP, email attachment, and manual upload. Lastly, Custom API and XML integrations are available upon request.

Track product inventory levels across multiple vendors

eCommHub monitors your vendors’ inventory files for products in your store and updates your online store with their current stock level automatically. For products with multiple vendors and SKUs, eCommHub tracks inventory for each vendor separately, but pushes the total quantity back to your online store. Whether you have 2 vendors or 20, eCommHub can reliably track your products’ inventory quantities over all of them - a task essential to reducing backorders.

Easily link product SKUs to your vendors

If you have multiple vendors or drop shippers, you know first hand that the SKU in your online store may not exactly match the SKU from your vendor. To further complicate matters, each product may have multiple, different SKUs. Fortunately, eCommHub handles this gracefully by tracking each SKU separately and allowing you to link multiple SKUs to the same product.

By default, eCommHub automatically links your products to your vendors using SKUs, but we now offer Advanced Product LinkingTM to allow you to customize the mapping of your vendor's SKU, UPN, and MPN values.