Effortless Order Routing that scales as you grow

Automatically route orders to your vendor or fulfillment center

Let eCommHub take the hassle out of fulfillment with multiple vendors. With automatic order routing and purchase order generation, you can put your store on autopilot. eCommHub can route orders to any vendor, like a dropship distributor, fulfillment center, 3PL, retail location, or even your own warehouse.

Set preferred order handling methods for each vendor, such as:

  • Automatically emailing a pre-generated purchase order to your vendor
  • Automatically uploading a pre-generated data file in your vendor’s preferred format, such as .csv, .xls, .txt, and .xml formats. We also support more custom formats if needed.
  • Keep track of manual order processing for vendors that only accept orders through their website

Batch orders to go out at a regular cut-off time

This can be once per day, per hour, or even every 15 minutes. Deliver orders over FTP, SFTP, email and more.